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Steadily moving forward from the restrictions and difficulties of recent months, and now with a government Roadmap, we are working with great customers across many key sectors. It is pleasing that we are increasingly able to help many businesses to adjust and progress.

There is reassuring uptake of older and more recent enquiries to arrange assignments leading into Q3 and Q4 of 2021. Many and quite diverse businesses are enlisting our help to continue to address and overcome their operating challenges.

Time & Motion” features in several of them, with needs for “work measurement” and adjusted “time standards” to reflect the different “work content” in their modified activities, and work with appropriate staffing levels. Capacities, Costs and Performance are often the benefits sought.

This isn’t just about “people” times and targets but also to optimise processes, use of equipment and effective space utilisation. Whether the same, less, or more is required – the outputs and additional operating costs need to be well managed.
The emphasis is again changing to become as efficient as possible moving forward from much reduced volumes, or to be able to operate effectively with more predictable circumstances and permanent changes. Many customers have experienced a significant uplift and have needed to consolidate and operate cost-effectively at increased volumes. Others have a more difficult recovery path, with opportunity but clear productivity challenges.

Please do contact us if you need help to review targets and work content with your changed operating procedures, or for any other productivity matter you feel we can support. Also see our Training Course Schedule page, with Open Courses through to December 2021 to be held in our recently updated Training Centre in Manchester.

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It’s rarely a single issue that is the cause of a productivity problem.
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