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We provide people to help you with those “time and motion” studies, to improve performance of equipment, processes, people and resources, to help you get more out of your business.

We are working with great customers across many key sectors helping them to progress their many productivity initiatives and address market challenges. Cost, Capacity and Performance are usually the benefits sought, often a combination of all of three.

Time & Motion” features in several of them, with needs for “work measurement” and adjusted “time standards” to reflect different “work content”.

Work Measurement isn’t just about “people” times and targets but also to optimise processes, use of equipment and more effective space utilisation. Whether the same, less, or more is required – the outputs and additional operating costs need to be well managed. And people are not always available to simply employ more.

Please do contact us if you need help to review targets and work content, or for any other productivity matter you feel we can support. Also see our Training Course Schedule page, with Open Courses to be held in our updated Training Centre in Manchester.

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It’s rarely a single issue that is the cause of a productivity problem.
Often more than one resource issue lies at the root.


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