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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 24 June 2020 – do please contact us for more detail

Our services have been curtailed during restrictions but thanks to great customers we have continued to work with many in key sectors.

Now we are seeing a steady uptake of enquiries from businesses across many sectors, asking for help to adjust, as quickly as possible, to their new operating circumstances.

Time & Motion” features in several of them, with needs for “work measurement” and adjusted “time standards” to reflect the different “work content” in their modified activities.

This isn’t just about “people” times and targets but also to optimise the process, equipment and space throughputs, when routines and distances have had to change. Staggered working hours can help but whether the same throughputs – or less, or more – the additional operating costs need to be contained. In some cases the emphasis has changed to being as efficient as possible at much reduced volumes until demand recovers, or to be able to manage effectively with changes which need to become permanent.

Please do contact us if you need help to review targets and work content with your changed operating procedures, or for any other productivity matter we can support. Also see our Training Course Schedule page, with Open Courses commencing July 6th and further dates through to the end of the year.

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