What is Activity Sampling?

Activity Sampling is a work measurement technique with a number of formats in which observations are made over a period of time of one or several people, machine(s) or process(es). It is ideal to help determine utilisation, staffing levels, balanced work content and to observe activities with a view to improvement.

Activity Sampling is suited to many industry sectors where multiple objects are being measured – people, equipment, processes, external factors etc. This may be in construction, service, commercial, banking, public sector, management or supervisory roles.

The British Standard (BS) definition of Activity Sampling is as follows:

“Activity Sampling is a technique in which observations are made over a period of time of one or a group of machine(s), process(es) or worker(s). Each observation records what is happening at that instant and the percentage of observations recorded for a particular activity or delay is a measure of the percentage of time during which that activity or delay occurs. By recording the working hours and the number of units produced, an observed time for an activity may be derived.” BS 3138: 22001.

Done properly, Activity Sampling and Rated Activity Sampling are excellent techniques.

Activity sampling in industry

Productivity Pointer

Effective performance involves much more than just the speed or the effort which people are seen to be applying at a point in time. The three key factors that contribute to effective performance are utilisation, effort and method.

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