A step by step guide to improving productivity

Look at just one aspect of your business, whatever sector or size, and ask these questions:

What is happening now, how long does it take and how much is it costing?

Find any bottlenecks, any obvious issues. Look at some we identified in How to identify problems with productivity.

What should be happening, how long should it be taking and what should it really be costing?

With better organisation you can identify wasted time and excessive cost. Now you’re on the way to improving productivity.

With more refined and less wasteful or leaner methods, possibly with new equipment or some investment, how long could it take and how much less could it cost?

Imagine what it would mean to your business to reduce costs, increase capacity or improve response by 5% or 10%. Perhaps even more?

What exactly is productivity?

Here’s a handy definition of productivity.

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Take the productivity challenge here

Got 5 minutes? Try the productivity challenge – it might be an eye opener for you.

Take the challenge

Find out what’s at the heart of your productivity issue.

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How to improve productivity – the next steps

We help deliver benefits in resolving cost, capacity and response issues because we’re about improving productivity.

What to do next

If you need to improve capacity or reduce costs, or you need accurate data to determine how best to cope with change, we can provide the right way forward – cost-effectively. Remember that improving productivity is about making the better use of all your resources and vitally, making much better use of the critical ones.

Whichever business sector you operate in, the chances are we’ve helped people to address their productivity issues and improve the way they operate.

Scott-Grant can really help you improve your productivity and become more streamlined.

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