What is Time Study?

Time Study is the original technique of work measurement, simple in concept though it does require a high degree of concentration and expertise on the part of the observer. Direct time study is the technique principally used for the measurement of repetitive work, ie work which follows a defined pattern and method. The accuracy of the technique is dependent on a number of factors although the most important and essential ingredient is the number of observations recorded of the same operation, process or procedure to establish a representative time.

Essentials for Time Study

The four essentials for the formal time study of any activity are:

  • An accurate specification of where the job starts and ends and a precise description of the method used including details of the workplace layout, materials, machines, tools, equipment and conditions etc.
  • A system of recording the actual element times (observed times) taken to carry out the job under observation, highlighting any occasional elements or time to be excluded.
  • A clear concept of ‘standard rate of working’ and to be able to performance rate to adjust observed time.
  • A means of assessing the amount of rest which should be associated with the job.

The official definition of Time Study

The British Standard (BS) definition of this recognised industry standard technique is:
“Observing, recording and rating of human work to establish the times required by a qualified worker to perform specified work under stated conditions at a defined rate of working.” BS3138: 22806

Time Study Board

A stopwatch or an electronic work measurement device are the main tools of time study. To become proficient in the skill of taking time studies it is essential to read the watch or device accurately at the right time. Formal training and developed skill is the only way to achieve the required degree of accuracy.

Anyone qualified to undertake Time Study should renew their certification for Performance Rating annually on a Performance Rating Clinic. If Time Study has not been undertaken for some time, a comprehensive Time Study Refresher is offered.

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The real responsibility for productivity or performance improvement should be largely in the hands of those organising the work rather than the individual worker.

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