What is MTM?

MTM is the abbreviation for Methods-Time Measurement, a procedure to specify and improve methods and establish synthetic time standards. It was established in America in the 1940s as a pre-determined motion-time system (PMTS) and is still used today in some organisations and as the basis for other ‘developed’ techniques.

Please note that MTM-based data is generally developed at a BS83.3 performance and should be converted if you are applying Standard Minute Values based on BS100 as Standard Performance.  Click here for more information.

The leader of the team that developed MTM was Dr H B Maynard. He went on to develop a system that is easier to apply and can quickly produce consistent results using this proven MTM base data. The result is MOST® technique – a method of analysing work that is easier to learn, simpler and more effective to apply accurately. MOST® is extremely efficient for method development, method comparison and time generation.

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How to learn more about MTM

If you’d like to learn more about MTM because your organisation still uses it, please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you’d like to learn more about the MOST® technique look at our training course.

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