We supply productivity professionals with a wealth of experience in your business sector

We provide Productivity Analysts, Industrial Engineers, Lean specialists for short or longer term needs – for however long you need them. You can have these people on contract with you to supplement your teams. Or you can have these people to undertake or manage productivity projects for you.

We offer training courses to help you learn more about productivity.

We run open and in-company training courses to introduce productivity awareness or techniques, through to professional productivity qualifications. Find out more about our training here.

Independent help.
Practical help.

Our independent help is valued in every business sector. We are objective. When we measure work we can guarantee accuracy and transparency. Follow the examples of thousands of businesses and take advantage of our decades of experience as productivity specialists.

Operating in countries
around the world

We’ve been helping people get more out of their business for over 35 years, in the UK and in over 40 other countries. We don’t publish our client list because we respect their confidentiality. We will certainly demonstrate to you our appropriate experience in addressing your productivity requirements.

We’re not management

There are many people who offer general advice and help to businesses, especially on Lean matters. We dig a lot deeper than ‘general advice’. We provide practical help, specialist productivity advice and involvement at specific levels. Our customers invariably find our help cost-effective, affordable and practical and an ideal solution to enable them to become more streamlined.

Find out how Scott-Grant can help your organisation

If you need to reduce costs, increase capacity or improve response, we can help. Ask us how.
If you need accurate data to determine how best to cope with change, we can help. Ask us how.
We can provide the right way forward for you – cost-effectively. Ask us how.

At Scott-Grant you’re at the home of knowledge and expertise in improving productivity.

Our head office and training centre

A privately owned limited company focussed on delivering the best possible results and service

With over 35 years’ experience as productivity specialists, we are proud of our reputation for the practical help we go out of our way to give. Our people are steeped in knowledge and expertise in improving productivity. We get significant pleasure in putting our specialist knowledge and expertise to good use by helping businesses improve their productivity and get more out of their resources.

Key contacts

Richard Taylor, Managing Director  |  John Brennan, Operations Director  |  Jonathan Hare, Finance Director

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