Key issues affecting productivity in the service sector

Can you identify with some of the following issues in your own business? They’re typical of the problems brought to us by our customers in the service sector.

  • We retain only 25% of contracts and are successful in only 20% of new bids but we believe that with better data and more effective approaches we should double those conversion rates – and the size of our business.
  • Can you identify why domestic installations are taking three times the anticipated time? We have to eliminate or reduce the problems and delays.
  • With an extensive fleet it’s critical that vehicles are available, well maintained and clean, so we need help to prioritise and streamline these activities and avoid continual firefighting.
Service Sector productivity

If you share similar concerns, perhaps together we can find the solution for you. We did for every one of these.

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Scott-Grant’s experience in the service sector

Here are some recent examples of how we’ve helped businesses in the service sector.

Example 1

With continuing development and growth in customers and services, the housekeeping standards and resources of a country spa retreat were becoming increasingly stretched. They asked us for some “time and motion” input to help determine target times for the large variety of tasks involved. Some were repetitive, some were in response to special events, eg weddings. After we’d helped them to focus on identifying routine and occasional requirements, methods and priorities we enabled them to respond to the specification and standards required of such a luxury venue – as well as improve the customer experience. Staff and management were all delighted.

Example 2

A property management company with many locations and buildings needed an independent audit of time spent by staff on all cleaning activities, to enable them to compare locations and sizes and to identify opportunities to reduce ineffective times. The accurate data provided by our Productivity Specialists enabled the company to convert and dedicate the saved time to improving the customer service with better routines, priorities and associated costs.

Improve productivity in the service sector

How to learn more about Productivity Improvement

Productivity can be improved in every department of every organisation. We offer opportunities to learn at an appreciation or awareness level, through to individual qualifications, or with guided learning on a live project in your workplace.

Some suggestions for studying productivity improvement

What to do next

If you need to improve capacity or reduce costs, or you need accurate data to determine how best to cope with change, we can provide the right way forward – cost-effectively. Remember that improving productivity is about making the better use of all your resources and vitally, making much better use of the critical ones.

Whichever business sector you operate in, the chances are we’ve helped people to address their productivity issues and improve the way they operate.

Scott-Grant can really help you improve your productivity and become more streamlined.

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