The different types of courses we offer

We want to share our knowledge in improving productivity and we do this by offering a range of subjects and a range of learning options.

In-depth productivity learning

In Depth Learning

This is detailed training in specific productivity techniques that could lead to professional qualifications.
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Power Learning

Power Learning

Short, 2 day appreciation courses to give you an overview of productivity tools and techniques.
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Guided Learning

Guided Learning

We offer a range of in-company, customised programmes that normally involves training several people.
After the training course our help continues with practical guidance as they apply the theory they’ve learned on a live project in your work place. Our Scott-Grant specialist will guide and prompt them to achieve the best results possible. This is particularly popular for Lean principles. Click here to see these courses.

This guided application is a Scott-Grant speciality and many of our customers are delighted at the significant improvements that are quickly identified for the business with this customised and practical approach to learning.

Maintaining Professional Standards

Maintaining Professional Standards

A range of clinics and workshops for productivity professionals to ensure their accuracy and consistency in applying their work measurement technique. Click here to see these courses.

Options of how and where to study

We offer a range of learning options

Our primary concern with all our training courses is to share our knowledge and expertise and encourage
others to improve productivity. We aim to be both effective and efficient in developing people’s practical skills and knowledge; this objective would not be achieved via distance learning. We ensure that the time away from the work place is kept to the minimum possible and that the learning opportunities are the maximum possible.

Important information for delegates

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What to do next?

Contact us about training and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and help you in your choice of course for you or your organisation.