What is Standard Performance?

Work content needs to be measured, as time, against a common, consistent standard – which is Standard Performance. Performance Rating is a levelling technique that enables us to adjust the formally observed time taken for a defined method or task to reflect the work content at Standard Performance. This is our consistent measure.

Standard Performance is:
“The rate of output that a qualified and motivated worker, conversant with the defined task, will be able to maintain under proper conditions, across the normal working day without undue fatigue, providing they take the appropriate amount of rest.” BS 32324

All human work can be Rated against the benchmark of Standard Performance. The most commonly used rating scale is the BS 0-100 scale, whereby Standard Performance is 100.

The trained observer’s Rating is used to convert the formally observed time taken by the operator to the time they would have taken if they had been achieving 100 performance.

A qualified Rating analyst will have been trained to assess performance against the concept of Standard. Their ability and skills have to be regularly (annually) checked to ensure accuracy.

The concept of Standard Performance carries across all business sectors – it’s universal in its application. Please note that MTM-based data is generally developed at a BS83.3 performance and should be converted if you are applying Standard Minute Values based on BS100 as Standard Performance. Click here for more information.

Standard performance explained
See what Standard Performance looks like

We have produced a film called “Standard Performance” which includes a range of real-life activities filmed in various industries.

All the activities are assessed at BS100 – Standard Performance. Viewers can also compare these with similar activities at less than 100 and greater than 100. We use these on our training courses for Rating analysts and in certain customer situations. Click here to order this film.

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Determining accurate work content is at the heart of assessing performance. We define work content as being the time content of an activity or task.

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Here is a list of training courses where Standard Performance is included in the content.

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