Scott-Grant’s specialist knowledge and expertise in improving productivity is all down to highly professional people

We supply productivity professionals with a wealth of experience in your business sector

Productivity analysts

We provide productivity analysts,
industrial engineers
Lean specialists


You can have these people on contract with you to supplement your teams.

Or you can have these people to undertake or manage productivity projects for you.

We select productivity professionals to work in your business who have appropriate experience in your business sector.

Productivity training teams

We have a team
of people who deliver
training courses.


We can help you learn more about productivity.

We run open and in-company training courses to introduce productivity awareness or techniques, through to professional productivity qualifications.

Find out more about our training here.

Our people can identify what you need to do to improve your productivity

Our Directors and Operations Managers have a wealth of industry experience in productivity improvement. We will discuss your productivity issues with you, usually visit your site to identify and discuss your needs and guide you in the best course of action.

Richard Taylor
Richard TaylorManaging Director
Richard has been directly involved in or responsible for productivity for much of his working life.

After various industrial engineering roles in manufacturing and civil engineering he joined Scott-Grant as a Regional Operations Manager. He was appointed Managing Director in 1991 by the PLC, before leading a buyout with colleagues in 1996. He has operational involvement in delivering productivity and performance improvement across all business sectors, working with customers from almost 50 countries. Richard is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and member of the Council.

John Brennan
John BrennanOperations Director
Operations Director John has an electrical engineering background and has been involved in productivity and industrial engineering for most of his career.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Services and has been with Scott-Grant for over 30 years, working in and responsible for our activities across all business sectors. John has responsibility for our operations in Scotland, for many key national accounts and projects across the UK and leads many of our international projects.

Jonathan Hare
Jonathan HareFinance Director
Finance Director Jonathan is a qualified Management Accountant who joined us in 1993.

His wealth of experience includes a multinational foods group, international commodity trading and many years in the personal computer and computer training industry. Jonathan has been responsible for steering Scott-Grant through a management buyout and a major financial restructure of the group. He’s responsible for all the finance, legal, IT and back office functions within the business.

How can Scott-Grant people help your organisation?

Use a productivity
specialist for a project

You could involve some of our people to undertake a project for you to help you become more streamlined, more productive.

We provide people experienced at various levels in productivity improvement, people to undertake independent investigation and analysis for you; they can also be in the form of a managed project team.

See examples of what Scott-Grant productivity specialists would do.

We agree our brief with you before commencement. We provide deliverables in the form of guidance or consultancy, obviously taking more than a basic contract responsibility.

Projects our productivity specialist would do

  • carry out work measurement for time standards, outputs, targets, capacities and costs – to establish manning levels, line utilisation, cost reduction, line balancing, method and process improvement
  • undertake mapping and in-depth investigation and examination – to identify actions to improve flow and eliminate waste
  • provide Lean skills to supplement your own Lean initiatives, to address plant and workplace layouts
  • provide project level input or consultancy to lead initiatives for you that may be at single or multi-site locations, drawing on a range of productivity experience and specialist skills

Have people on contract with you

We provide experienced people to undertake a variety of activities from basic data collection to a senior person at consultant level. These people would include productivity practitioners, industrial engineers, work study engineers, analysts.

Often supplementing your own in-house resource, they would work to your brief. We select the people best suited to the skill and knowledge base that you require and provide individuals, teams or team leaders on an hourly or daily rate to work to your budget and timescales.

Look at some of the benefits of using Scott-Grant contract resource.

If you need accurate data to help you determine the right way forward, we can provide cost-effective, experienced contract resource, whichever business sector you operate in.

Benefits of using Scott-Grant contract resource include

  • you have an independent, objective presence to collect, record and analyse data
  • it’s cost-effective because of its flexibility
  • the people we provide have valuable experience in many business sectors.

Typical contracts could include

  • developing time standards
  • activity sampling
  • method study

We need someone who knows about
Time and Motion.

Can Scott-Grant help us?

In a nutshell, yes! Time and Motion used to have negative associations with workforces being reduced in an effort to save costs. All motion takes time so Time and Motion, or Productivity is about reduced movement and reduced time. It’s not how it used to be – about working harder or faster. It’s about working smarter, making the work easier, quicker.

What to do next

If you need to improve capacity or reduce costs, or you need accurate data to determine how best to cope with change, we can provide the right way forward – cost-effectively. Remember that improving productivity is about making the better use of all your resources and vitally, making much better use of the critical ones.

Whichever business sector you operate in, the chances are we’ve helped people to address their productivity issues and improve the way they operate.

Scott-Grant can really help you improve your productivity and become more streamlined.

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to help you understand more about

Time and Motion


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Low Productivity